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Cave Creek, Arizona

where preserving the spirit of the West is truly alive and well!

Cave Creek, Arizona is a fun, must visit, destination when visiting the Scottsdale area.  Located adjacent to Carefree to its East,  and Scottsdale to its North, Cave Creek has a population of approximately 5,015 residents and sits at a slightly lower elevation than Carefree, resting at 2,129 feet and sharing Black Mountain with Carefree in the middle of the two.  Cave Creek encompasses a 28.2 mile radius.

Cave Creek is a fun, Western, delightful, enjoyable town.  Filled with galleries, saloons, bars, restaurants, shopping with fun attire, antiques, art, whimsical items, collectibles and more!  Ride a buffalo (no kidding!), or rope a steer, or simply enjoy a beer!  The local bars enjoy true Western music and offer live Western bands and will even teach you the true Western boot scootin’ way to dance; with or without boots, too, for the City folks!  The only requirement is:  Come and have fun, and more fun!

Guided Wilderness tours…jeep rides and tours….hot air balloon lift offs with scenic views and photographic memories and champagne toasts,

are but a few of the adventures that await visitors to this Western charm of a town.  Remember, Bartlett Lake within 20 miles, or so, for boating enthusiasts, too!

Housing in and around the Black Mountain area of Cave Creek is similar to Carefree in some ways, and easily accessible.  Check out the information provided and give me a call for details.  We’ll go and visit and maybe say hello to a steer….or, a beer!